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Rushed Endings And Fired Up Kindles

Good news first: I finished my first draft about a month and a half ago.

Not so good news: I think I want to start all over. I made so many changes, that it has become a new story. I like the new direction, but I feel as if I need to flush it out more.  I will start the rewrite in about two weeks. I want to finish this so bad, but I want to finish it right.

Finishing the first draft was a problem for me. I think I was so ready to finish it that I rushed the ending. I know I hate reading a book and loving it, only for the ending to suck because it seemed the author grew bored and threw something together. So, like I said, rewrite.

On another note, I recently purchased a Kindle Fire, which means  I have recently purchased a lot of new books. That thing is so distracting, sometimes all I want to do is read. Since most of my print books are packed away, I constantly find myself pressing PURCHASE. Which is probably why I ended up rushing my ending, I couldn’t wait to kick back and read. Thankfully I was able to curb that behavior for a while.

Speaking of Kindle, I think I need a regular one for bed. I’m usually petrified that the KF will fall and hit me in the face. I love to read until I fall asleep, and honestly the KF puts a little too much weight on my sleepy limp wrists.

I’m going to try to make it a point to write in my blog more often. I have the WordPress app on my phone, but ever since I switched from Blackberry to Android I have lost interest. I really do hate touchscreen phones, because typing on them is a nightmare. Anyway, I will try to update more often.

Elle A.

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