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In Line With Outlines

In my mind outlining is a good thing. Every article that I have read about outlines made it sound like a great thing. They all read just alike. “Some writers swear by it, and some run for the hills at the mention of it.” The “yays” make a good point about an outline being a road map. I would love to be so prepared to write that the actual writing process is like passing by landmarks, and arriving at my destination in a timely manner. Instead of the opposite, which is driving in circles, or having to repeatedly backup and take every direction until I find my way.

I don’t know if outlining will be for me, but I’m willing to try.
I remember in English our professor made us do them. She demanded we show our work, so she even graded our outlines and first drafts. Back then I wasn’t even remotely into English, and barely knew what I was doing. Some of the stuff that the professor taught us came flooding back and made sense once I took a more serious, yet, natural interest in writing.
Unfortunately, I don’t recall enough of the little things, so I’m reading everything I can get my hands on (including my college books).
I do remember that doing an outline for a paper definitely made the writing easier. So I’m about to do that now.

My only question now is, is it possible to outline a story after you’re halfway done? I hope so, because that’s exactly what I’m about to attempt.

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